BulkResponse Just Turned 4

Posted by  Khurram Shahzad on

I wanted to give a quick shout to our customers and team to remind them we just turned 4 :-)
Today is 11 June and this day holds very important in my life. 4 years ago, on this day, I, with my family and hand full of employees decided to take a new path in life that will take us to heights of our goals. We wanted to build a true company that had true...

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Things You Need To Know About BulkResponse.com

Posted by  Hassan Shahab on

I have been thinking hard on what we should write about the first blog post on our official blog. Then we had huge brainstorming session in house (yes, it is that hard) and we all agreed, why not start answering some common questions customers ask us every day.

So here we go people...

Why I...