Introducing SMTP Relay Service

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Last week I briefly mentioned some Big Things happening at BulkResponse. Well, it's finally here.

My team and I have been working very hard day and night burning midnight oil to bring you a yet another powerful service. SMTP relay service allows you to use our SMTP channel to deliver your email campaigns.

You can now connect to our email SMTP from any other host and send your mails. In other words, you can focus on managing your contacts and database while we handle all the technical challenges related to email delivery.

There are lot of clients who have been asking us that they are not really looking for a web account to manage their email campaigns, rather, they need SMTP relay service in order to deliver their emails through our mailing channels.

There can be a number of reasons for...

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Big Things Happening at BulkResponse

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Some big things are happening at BulkResponse and some exciting new announcements with new features , better pricing and new services are coming early next week. Most of the new features are courtesy to popular demand from our customers who enjoy BulkResponse email marketing services since we launched.
Diversity and change is an essential part of our eco system. We like to evolve and grow like our members. As company is becoming bigger, we are focusing more on service quality and customer satisfaction.

With round the clock live chat and help desk monitoring, we are ensuring that our customers get instant help when they need it. Most of issues are resolved with in...

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Should I send Text or HTML emails?

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It has been a busy Christmas and New year for us at BulkResponse, and resulted in some quietness on blog. Looks like everybody is mailing from BulkResponse like crazy and we had to add some extra horse power to our server fleet in order to meet exceptionally high server loads. Luckily all mails went out without any delays and people received greetings well in time. That makes our day to serve you better.
Today, I decided I should address this simple yet very important question every new email marketer wants to know answer of.
We get asked this question a LOT by our customers who send bulk emails...

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