Does Bulk Email Marketing Still Work In 2017?

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Bulk email, email marketing in 2017

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After all these years, bulk email marketing still remains the cheapest and most cost effective digital marketing channel.  With all those inbox spam filters and restrictions in place, one questions whether these marketing methods are still effective and working?

Since we can look at our customer’s data at a better angel, we can tell you that bulk email is not only still effective, it is thriving. Our customers are getting thousands of new leads every day using platform, and they all do it with bulk email marketing.

But you have to know the right rules of game in order to make the most out of bulk emails.

Here are some facts about Bulk Emailing and why it is still successful.

   People still use Email for Business

If you are in business, you know that email is most important fact of your business life. In this age, nobody can carry out fast business without email. Businesses still massively use emails to carry out day to day business operations.

This gives Bulk E-mailers a unique opportunity show in the inbox of business owners / business workers and present their offerings.  Most people don’t mind to open such offering if the information in email is relevant to their industry.  A lot will actually click on link or hit a reply and show interest in what you have to offer. Few would actually take time to unsubscribe. Very rarely you would get a complaint, and if you do, you must be doing something wrong (more on this later in this article).

   They don’t mind a first contact, as long as you are not annoying

Let’s face it, we all get all sorts of first contact offers, business promotions letters, don’t we?

Every business wants more customer and they want to establish a relationship with the new prospects/leads. There is nothing wrong with it. This is totally up to receiver of the offer whether they want to respond to an offer or not.

This is perfectly legal as per law, as long as you follow the other clauses of CAN-SPAM.

Just don’t be annoying. What I mean by that is, don’t try to push too hard.  If I get a business promotion from a guy 3 times a day about something I am least interested in, this will really piss me off. I would unsubscribe or worst report it as complaint. This is really bad marketing, and it never works. So don’t do it.

   Make Sure, Are you targeting the right people?

bulk email, email marketing in 2017

Very Important. Sometimes, you have just one shot, and if you get it wrong, you may not get a second chance.

So be very sure that:

1.  You are targeting the right people, and not a random group of people

2.  They are interested in your offer

3.  Your email is carefully drafted to address the right audience

4.  Tell them how you got their email and contact info

5.  Be very polite and professional

6.  There should be nothing deceptive about your email

7.  Put your real address and real name , so they know you are a real human being living in USA and not someone from INDIA

8.  Honor the unsubscribe requests and never contact them again

9.  Focus on creating group of contacts with common interests

   SEGMENTATION & AUTOMATION is working big time

In 2017, Email marketing has changed a lot. Now marketers are turning those big email broadcasts into more focused contact groups also known as segments.

If you are not segmenting your lists based on your offers, you are wasting your time and energy.

Here are some segmenting techniques we teach our customers at

1.  Segment based on people who OPEN certain email campaign

2.  Segment based on Link Clicks. This will give you idea bout what kind of content customers like

3.  Segment based on common interest. For example, if someone opened a loan offer, clicked it, then they are super interested in loan offers, lets put them in a separate group of people who are interested in Loan offers. There is more chance of converting such prospect than others.

4.  Trigger automatic messages based on certain event.

This is called email automation.

For example, if someone clicked on an iphone7 email offer and went to checkout but abandoned at the last minute, you might want to put such people into a separate email follow up sequence to change their mind about buying iphone7. This is just one example, there are endless possibilities for automating your email marketing.

At, we are helping our customers get more leads for their business using bulk email marketing. Click Here to signup for your BulkResponse Account and start getting business leads right away. 

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