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Discover Why BulkResponse Has Features Like No Other ESP...

Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Autoresponders

BulkResponse is only bulk email marketing software that offers unlimited contacts for every account. Other Bulk Email Services would restrict you on number of contacts you can have in your account. You can have as many contacts in your lists as you want, there is no limit.

We only limit you on how many emails you can send in your billing cycle. Here are some of key features you will enjoy being a member of BulkResponse.

Unlimited bulk email marketing service.

Dependable Customer Support

We will import leads for you

- No need to wait for hours to import your lists. Just send us your lists and we will import them for you.

We will create bulk email campaigns for you

- Do not want to mess with HTML and all the coding stuff? no problem! We are here to setup your HTML campaigns. You must have your own template ready though, OR we will charge you a small fee to create template for you. We will fully manage all aspects of your bulk email campaigns.

Support through Phone

- Facing problems? Talk to our live person via phone or even Skype.

Dedicated IPs & Domains

- You get most reputed dedicated IPs and domain as part of account. You are welcome to use your own domain too.

We will monitor email campaigns for you

- We will track opens, click, Unsubscribed and bounces for you and report to you if requested.

Subscribe/unsubscribe management & Blacklist Monitoring

- Need help with integrating subscription form on your website?
No problem, Our Technical Staff can do it quicker than you can ever imagine. With BulkResponse you don't need to worry about IP or Domain Blacklisting. We have got you covered.

Support through Live Chat

- Have some questions?
Click the chat icon and a living breathing person will be answering you shortly. With BulkResponse, you have multiple support channels available at your services including live chat, skype, phone , email and helpdesk. You get answer within minutes rather than hours or days.

Dedicated IP address

- Unlike other ESP setting you up on a shared IP with thousand other members using same IP, we will provide you a highly reputed and warmed up dedicated IP address that will only be used for your mailing.

Cloud Computing Environment

- No need to worry about hardware resources, bandwidth or Scaling Up your email volumes. We are hosted on cloud to ensure your emails campaigns never stop.

99.9% Up Time Guaranteed

- That's because we have a dedicated team monitoring server performance round the clock. Your mass email server will never be down for technical reason and you can be sure you're mailing 24/7/365.

Data center in USA & Europe

- All our servers are hosted in US or Europe; however, offshore servers can be provided if requested.

Already reputed & Warmed Up Servers Ready to Use

- Email server setup involves lot more than just getting a dedicated server and start mailing.
We make sure you get a ready to use server fully warmed up and already white listed with yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail.

Dedicated Mass Email Server

- Looking for your own mass email server? For all high-volume senders, a dedicated domain name and dedicated mass email server is arranged with multiple warmed up IP addresses.
You can be sure your server is running best email technology available in market with SSD disks, Powerful MTA and super-fast bandwidth.

Relaxed policy about Spam Complaints

- Although we do not allow spamming through our system, but we understand that complaints are part of business for email marketing company.
Your business will not shut down for few complaints here and there.

Unlimited contacts per account

- We impose no limit on number of contacts you can have. You can literally have millions of emails per account.

Automatic Bounce Handling

- We will automatically remove all bad emails from your lists.

Unlimited Autoresponders

- Setup unlimited autoresponders. Autoresponders can be triggered by certain events or form submission.

Email Triggers

- You can create triggers that are launched on a certain event, such as an email being opened, or a link being clicked.

Over 100 Professional Email Templates

- With a template in almost every industry, you will have access to 100 beautifully created email templates.

Opens and Clicks Reporting

- Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes for even email or autoresponder campaign you setup.

IP White Listing Service

- Special white list service available to high volume senders. Certified email program is available on request.

Blacklist Monitoring & Removal

- If your IP are blacklisted, no problem. Our engineers will quickly get you white listed without any effect on your campaign.

ISP Feedback Loop Submissions

- We are fully subscribed to FBL offered by Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and 7 other top ISP.

Over 95% Delivery Across All ISP

- Guaranteed inbox delivery to AOL, yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

SPF verified Mailing

- With SPF authentication applied, you can be sure your emails always get delivered to customers in box.

Sender ID Verified Mailing

- Sender ID is another important email authentication protocol and our servers are fully complaint with it.

Domain Key Verified Mailing

- With domain key compliant emails, you are assured to deliver in in box of Yahoo, Gmail and other ISPs.

BulkResponse -  Bulk Email Service

BulkResponse is premier email marketing company operating since 2008. Our mission is to empower small and medium businesses to achieve their marketing goals and increase their outreach. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about our service.


3501 Jack Northrop Ave.

Suite #D1442 Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA

Phone: +1-424-271-0730

Email: [email protected]