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BulkResponse.com: Cheap & Affordable SMTP relay service

Highest in Quality, But The Most Affordable SMTP Relay Service On The Web

Bulkresponse is cheapest SMTP relay service that allows you to send mass emails for cold email marketing. Other SMTP providers shut you down for sending marketing messages or if your bounce threshold goes too high. Although we do not encourage spamming, BulkResponse understands your mass email marketing needs and we are most flexible about cold emailing & bulk email smtp needs. This makes BulkResponse best smtp service for bulk email friendly campaigns.

is a Mass Email Service Provider company established in 2008. Since then, we have provided high quality but affordable web accounts and cheap SMTP Relay services to more than 5000 customers across the globe. Our SMTP Relay prices and cheapest amongst all our competitors due to our special discount offers. 
No Domain Verification Required. Get your account up and running as soon as you receive SMTP credentials. We don't require you to submit your FROM Domain for verification. Quickly launch your campaigns rather than waiting for days to get your domains verified.

No Account Limitations. Send as fast as you like and as much as you can. There are no hourly or daily limits. Unlike other SMTP service providers, we do not restrict your account for sending out mass marketing emails.

Why Use SMTP Relay service?

Get Your Transactional Emails Delivered

Due to very strict spam filters, 30% of your transactions emails can end up in spam folders.
SMTP relay service ensures that your transactions email delivery rate is close to 99%.

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bulk smtp server for email marketing

Get Rid Of Shared Hosting Email Limitations

Shared hosting providers impose limits on how many emails you are eligible to send per hour from their SMTP.
Our SMTP relay service ensures that your transactions email delivery rate is close to 99% without any hourly restrictions.

Send your Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

Even if you have dedicated server, many hosts do not allow you to send bulk emails using their SMTP servers. This creates a big problem for legitimate email marketers who want to send marketing message to their newsletter subscribers or even their customers. With our SMTP relay service, there is no fear of getting blocked for sending bulk email newsletters. We DO encourage our customers to use double opt in leads for sending their email offers. This will ensure better email delivery and more response from your campaigns.

bulk email service for email marketing

Why Use BulkResponse
SMTP Relay Service?

Get Lowest Prices

Compare us with any other SMTP relay service, we challenge our prices will still be One Third of our cheapest competitor, YET, Quality of email delivery is equally good. We are able to offer cheap SMTP relay because we do not over charge our clients for same amount of emails.

Get Dedicated IP Address

We provide dedicated IP addresses for each account. It means an IP used by one member will never be used by any other user of BulkResponse. This ensures that mail stream of each member is separate, hence if one member is causing problems for email delivery, it will not affect other users using the same service.

Get Comprehensive Tracking And Reporting

You will be provided a members area where you can track your SMTP relay history.You will be provided comprehensive reports on mail deliveries and bounces. You can see graphs and also download your relay history as an excel file.

Get Over 95% Deliverability 

We have been maintaining a steady email delivery rate of 95% across all major ISPs including Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail.

Get Incredible Support

You feel handcuffed with other ESPs when it comes to support. BulkResponse support team is best in terms of quick response and problem solving.
You can get support from multiple channels including email, tickets live chat, skype or even phone.

Get Comprehensive Dashboard

You will be given access to your private user dashboard where you can login and grab your SMTP credentials and monitor stats of your deliveries and bounces. You can buy more credits on the fly and upgrade your account any time.

BulkResponse -  Bulk Email Service

BulkResponse is premier email marketing company operating since 2008. Our mission is to empower small and medium businesses to achieve their marketing goals and increase their outreach. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about our service.


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Suite #D1442 Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA

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